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Japan: gardens, temples and tea

Japan: gardens, temples and tea

Some interesting sites about:

Japanese Gardens

Clifton Olds of Bowdoin College created an online Japanese Gardens resource in conjunction with Bowdoin College's Department of Information Technology, see at Bowdoin College Japanese Gardens

Mark Schumacher site has a Garden section with detailed description of Rock Gardens, Dry Landscapes, Hill Gardens, Karesansui, Kasan, Tsukiyama and others.

Japanese Temples

A nice site for Temples in Kyoto.

Japanese Tea Ceremony

I could not find any information on the people running this comprehensive site on the Japanese Tea Ceremony

There is also the Wikipedia page.

The pictures on top of the page are, from left to right:
- The Great Wave off Kanagawa - from Wikimedia Commons
- Sorakuen Garden (Kobe-Japan)- by 663highland, from Wikimedia Commons
- Kinkakuji (the Golden Pavillion) in Kyoto- by Keith Pomakis, from Wikimedia Commons
- Traditional breakfast at Tamahan Ryokan, Kyoto - by Michael Maggs, from Wikimedia Commons

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