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Saturday, 4 December 2010

Delhi Grill: Indian restaurant in Islington, London

Delhi Grill


London Chow, 23 Nov '10: “The Delhi grill (£6.50) was meant for two and came with chicken tikkas, sheekh kebabs and lamb chops. The chicken tikkas was absolutely fabulous and very well seasoned – tender, aromatic and spicy. The sheekh kebabs, which I understand to be minced lamb, was flavourful and easily disintegrated in one’s mouth. The lamb chops tasted very much like the kebabs and it seemed that the only difference was that that it came with bone attached.”;

The Grubworm, 15 Nov ’10: “The meal was fast becoming one highlight after another: chicken, lamb, paneer. And next up, my dish of the night: Cholay.”, “What’s great about Delhi Grill is they know how to handle their spices. They don’t hit the default chilli heat, but allow the warmer and more subtle spice notes to come through. It’s this general approach, not afraid to let the gentler side of Indian cooking shine, that makes this such a good place.”;

An American in London, 2 Nov ’10: “Grilled items as starters were generally very good.”, “Fried foods were very good, too, though you could accuse all the fried dishes of tasting the same because the chilli-paprika seasoning in the batter seems to stay the same, whether the pakoras are fish or onion.”, “Chicken biryani was a special of the day, and this was the low point of our evening.  The biryani had wonderfully-fragrant flavoring and texture, striking a nice balance between being moist and fluffy, but the dish was inexplicably served lukewarm.”, “Overall, our dinner at Delhi Grill was delicious and cheap”.

from www.delhigrill.com
21 Chapel Market
Islington, London N1
Tel.: 020 7278 8100

Delivery/ Take away:
020 7278 8882

Open: Tuesday to Sunday
Lunch: 12noon - 2.45pm
Dinner: 6pm - 10.30pm
Tube: Angel

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