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Friday, 17 December 2010

Four Seasons: Chinese roast duck in West End and Bayswater, London

Four Seasons

Chinese: roast duck

London Chow, 9 Jan '10 at Gerrard’s branch: “We realised immediately that being seated in the basement or the first floor was way better than the ground floor, the last thing I wanted was to have my meal with hungry people staring down at me and willing me to ask for the bill and clear the table.”, “What we liked about the San-Pin was its roast pork and charsiew were relatively lean yet retain their flavour. The accompanying sauce could be less salty but it did brought out the full depth of the dish. The main item in the dish was of course the roast duck. Thickly sliced duck with a thick layer of fat that literally melted in your mouth would be an apt description. To get the full taste of it, refrain from dipping it in the chilli oil that comes with it. In fact, it would be almost a sin to remove the skin even for the health conscious. The roast duck itself would probably warrant the time spent queuing.”.

a rather unusual chinaman, 16 Lug ‘09 at Gerrard’s branch: “The duck was as tasty as ever (if a little on the fatty side, this duck had not been working out!) and we both had opted for no bones, so arrived boneless. This is one of the only places I know which provides this as an option. After all, less bones means more meat, right? The crispy pork was only ok, but nowhere near as good as Wong Kei down the road. Gravy was a bit on the thin side although contained quite a decent flavour. On the whole, pretty alright although I am sure the food didn’t appeal as much as the Queensway branch (for whatever nonsensical reason that may be). A decent option if you’re in Chinatown and looking for a quick, cheap (our meal came to under a tenner a head, all in), no frills refuelling stop.”.

Pig Pig’s Corner, 26 Jun ’09, at Bayswater’s Branch: “We went at 6pm to “beat the queue” on a Saturday evening but still ended up queuing for 30 minutes.”, “ordering at least half a roast duck from the “Roast Duck Specialists” (as it says on the menu) was a must”, “The meat was tender yet full of duck flavour and the skin was crunchy, but the main difference between this and other restaurants was the sauce; it was amazingly rich and full of Chinese herbs and spices. The restaurant tends to debone the duck lately unless you tell them otherwise (I prefer not to as I feel it’s nicer to chew meat off the bone) and I suspect its because they need the duck carcasses to make the duck sauce.”, “I personally think that for standard Chinese fare, this restaurant does it the best.”, “They have a branch in Chinatown but my friends tell me to avoid it and to stick to the original”.

12 Gerrard Street
London W1D 5PR
Tel.: 020 7494 0870
Tube: Leicester Square

84 Queensway
London W2 3RL
Tel.: 020 7229 4320
Tube: Bayswater

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