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Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Dragon Palace: Chinese dim sum in Earl's Court, London

Dragon Palace

Chinese, dim sum, silver needle noodles, good quality price ratio,

Gourmet Chick, 7 Dec ’10: “In true dim sum style we lingered over our lunch and copious cups of tea of the iron goddess until the afternoon was almost gone then we played that other traditional dim sum game of guessing what the bill would be and delightedly discovered it was below all of our estimates coming in at only £14 a head including service charge. Certainly worth the trek at that price.”.

Tamarind and Thyme, 5 Dec ‘10: “The dim sum here is all excellent and while not as refined as some of the fancier places in London, the flavour certainly doesn’t suffer. What a wonderful place; I can certainly see myself visiting again.”

Mr.Noodles, 4 Dec '10: “…it's a pleasant surprise to see a decent Chinese restaurant in this corner of the capital …”, "All of the steamed dumplings were well made and generously filled, with my favourite being the village dumplings”, “The steamed squid was also interesting and I really enjoyed the very garlicky dressing.”, “The fried offerings were every bit as good as their steamed counterparts. The yam croquettes were very fresh, as my burnt mouth can testify. I also liked their version of squid cakes, which were unusually wrapped in tofu skin (腐皮 fu pi) before frying.”, “I'm not a big turnip paste fan but it was well made as was the pan-fried cheung fun.”, “Dragon Palace deserves plaudits for doing things a little differently. I think it's brilliant that they go to the trouble to make their own noodles as well as knock up weekend specials. This is an accessible and affordable option for quality dim sum, especially for those with a W in their postcode.”

207 Earl's Court Road
London SW5 9AN
Tel.: 020 7370 1461

Monday- Friday : 12:00pm - 11:15pm last orders
Sunday : 12:00pm - 11:00pm last orders
dim sum served : 12:00pm - 5:00pm daily
(With weekend specials)
  Tube: Earl’s Court

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