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Monday, 25 October 2010

Adams Café: Tunisian and Moroccan restaurant in Shepherds Bush, London

Adams Café

Tunisian, Moroccan, one main course with tea or coffee is £11.50, a Menu Gourmet is two courses, a Menu Gastronomique is all three courses,

Tamarind and Thyme, 11 Dec ‘09: starter Brik au Thon: crispy pastry with tuna, egg & herb filling, the tuna was nicely spiced, the egg yolk was still runny, and the pastry perfectly crisp, Couscous à l’Agneau, Crêpe Berbère: utterly gorgeous!

77 Askew Road
Shepherds Bush
London W12 9AH
Tel: 020 8743 0572

Daytime cafe hours
Monday - Friday: 7.30am - 2pm

Saturday: 8.30am - 2pm
Evening hours for Tunisian/Moroccan food
Monday - Saturday: 7pm - 11pm
Closed Sundays

Tube: seven stops by bus 266 from Hammersmith
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