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Sunday, 24 October 2010

Kappa Restaurant: Japanese restaurant in Earls Court, London

Kappa Restaurant

Japanese, run by a korean chef, sushi

London Eater, 12 Jul ’10: House Special Roll (in the menu under Futomaki thick roll) it is the best thing on the menu, the unagi was excellent, Kappa cake with Green Tea ice cream. “The nigiri is excellent and well priced. It isn’t the cheapest sushi in town, however, it isn’t pricy either”. “There isn’t much to look at in terms of decor, the place is reticent (even by sushi-bar standards) but the sushi chef is dedicated, he really takes his time to prepare sushi by hand, and most days, it’s the same fella behind the counter and to me, that is Kappa’s greatest attraction. The sushi is great, the cooked food is so-so, prices are reasonable, and they do cold sake (Junmai no less…at £1.30 each!) by the shot. If you so happen to be searching for a relatively lightweight meal in my neck of the woods, I think you’ll be reasonably impressed with Kappa”.

139 Earls Court Road
London SW5 9RH
Tel: 0207 244 9196

  Tube: Earls Court

Lunch: Tues to Sun 12 to 3pm
Dinner: Mon to Sun 6 to 11pm (10:30pm Sun)

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