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Sunday, 19 December 2010

Bincho: Japanese Yakitori restaurant in West End, London


Japanese, yakitori

Cheese and Biscuits, 1 Dec ’10: “First of the yakitori proper were beef tongue (tender and, er, beefy) and a fantastic pork belly version, which alternated between crispy, fatty and meaty as you worked your way through.”, “Chicken hearts were superbly tender and richly flavoured - a delicacy in the strictest sense of the word - although I'm afraid I've decided that the gizzards (on the right) aren't for me. Alarmingly crunchy and without any particularly worthwhile flavour, I doubt I'll bother with these the next time I have a craving for Unusual Chicken Parts On Sticks.”, Chicken Neck skewers: “we had a couple, and very nice they were too”, “…my favourite item overall, were grilled chicken cartilage”, “Bincho is a rare example of a restaurant unafraid of introducing Londoners to unusual and audacious Japanese textures and flavours, and is doing so in an unintimidating, straightforward way that won't break the bank. I will return.”.

London Eater, 11 Aug '10: “The grilled birds are much, much better, I was astounded at how much juicier and fleshier this was, redolent of a campfire barbecue.”, “Great balls of fire…. the chicken oysters, fantastic! The oyster is a ball of meat found on the backbone and attached to the chicken’s thigh, so succulent that I would be a fool not to order it.”, “Probably even better than the chicken oysters were these crispy, crunchy and oily chicken skin on skewers. Naturally, it is full of natural buttery flavour, almost a tad too salty, but that’s where the rice comes in.”, “Not everything was amazing, I would avoid the beef or pork; The yakitori on the other hand, is generally fabulous. Do keep an eye out for their specials, which on my visit were priced at £1.50 per skewer, and represented fantastic value for money. Otherwise, the ‘Seven Samurai’ for £10 is a good place to start, if you are struggling with choice. Although, I would say it’s all about the chicken oysters and chicken skin. Choose wisely and you shall be rewarded.” Pre-theater menu £9.99: set comes with salad (with salmon), a bowl of rice and a selection of Grilled Meat (Pork Belly, Chicken Wing, Chicken, Salmon, Shitake Mushrooms and Asparagus).

a rather unusual chinaman, 7 Dec '09: "Seven Samurai Special, a selection of meat, seafood and vegetable skewerso, order them if you come here and then order more, Fried Chicken with Ponzu a light and tangy citrus dipping sauce was heaven a wonderful dish to be consumed over and over again".

16 Old Compton Street W1D 4TL
Tel: 0207 287 9111
Tube: Leicester Square, Covent Garden, Tottenham Court Road

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