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Sunday, 24 October 2010

Empress of Sichuan: Chinese Sichuan restaurant in West End, London

Empress of Sichuan

Chinese, Sichuan

An American in London, 22 Feb '10: Twice Fried Green Beans with Minced Pork and Preserved Veg, Beef Slices in extremely Spicy Soup, Ma Po Tofu, Spicy Glass Noodles with Mince Pork and Dried Shrimp, Steamed “Dong Po” Pig’s joint, “Bottom line:  the place is a winner.  As my friend P pointed out:  it’s a huge compliment to the restaurant that each of us at our table of eight, when asked what our favorite dish of the evening was, chose different dishes.”

Mr. Noodles, 27 Jan ’10:
  • Beef slices in extremely spicy soup aka water-boiled beef or shui zhu niu rou, the beef was very tender;
  • Fragrant Chicken with dried chilli pepper aka La Zi Ji, chicken bits tossed with dried chilli and Sichuan peppercorns, is probably my favourite Sichuan dish and it was as good here as I've eaten inside or outside of China;
  • "Farmers Fish" – baked fish with spring onion, cumin & black bean, the fish was perfectly baked with the flesh flaking off under a coating of spring onion, cumin and black bean;
  • Spicy Green Beans with minced Pork & preserved veg Aka Siji Dou, they were beautifully cooked here. There was more minced pork than other versions of this dish and you could also pick out the distinct taste of preserved vegetable too;
  • Dan Dan Noodles;
Update March 2010 - On a subsequent visit, I really enjoyed the starters of lamb skewers and a cold dish of cucumber marinated with garlic and sesame oil. Of the mains, I was a tad disappointed with the duck in beer & chilli sauce but only in comparison with the rest of the meal. But the coup de grace were the complimentary pumpkin pancakes and before you ask, no we didn't blag them as bloggers.

6 Lisle Street
London WC2 H7
Tel. 0207 734 8128
Tube: Leicester Square

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