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Sunday, 24 October 2010

Chilli Cool: Chinese Sichuan restaurant in King's Cross, London

Chilli Cool

Chinese, Sichuan

Mr.Noodles, 7 Oct '10“Verdict: Giant portions of tasty authentic food at bargain prices – what's not to love ?”:
  • Stir Fried before Stewing the Jack Bean Dry (Siji Dou) known as Dry Fried Green Beans a must order:
  • Quick Frying Chicken with Cumin & Chilli (Lazi Ji) as good as you get in China;
  • Sliced Beef Szechuan lavishly topped with chilli & Szechuan pepper (Shui Zhu Niu Ru, water-boiled beef) another must-order;
  • Fish Hotpot cooked in fresh Chilli and Chilli Powder;

The Catty Life, 20 Jul '10: “The stand out dishes for me were the Hot & Chilli Crispy Pork Intestines, Spicy Aubergine, and Dry Fried Green Beans, but the dish of the night, and Sung’s favourite, had to be the Fish Cooked in Fresh Chilli and Chilli Powder which is served in regular or large. We had the regular”.

London Chow, 10 Apr '10: Dan Dan Mian, Ma La Tofu. “With most dishes come under £7-£8 and come in generous portions, Chilli Cool doesn't have the poshness and location of Empress of Sichuan but it is definitely worth going out of your way for it. Two thumbs up for this one.”

15 Leigh Street
Kings Cross,
London WC1H 9EW
Booking telephone: 0207 383 3135

Opening hours: 12:00 - 22:30
Tube: King’s Cross, Russell Square

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