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Sunday, 31 October 2010

Constancia: Argentinian Steak in Bermondsey, London


Argentinian, steak

Tamarind and Thyme, 31 May ’10: reviews state that you’ll walk out of that restaurant smelling like the parrilla, we were all seated in the front by the windows. Sitting here also resulted in our not stinking – excellent! Empanada de Carne: filled with a saucy spiced meat and olive mixture, excellent pastry and a good moist filling, Parrillada Constancia (for 2 people): Bife de Chorizo (sirloin steak), Ojo de Bife (11oz of ribeye steak), 2 Chorizos (Argentinian style pork sausages), Morcilla (black pudding), Provoleta (provolone cheese with oregano), the ribeye was my favourite, it being more flavourful than the sirloin. What we should have done though was take the steaks off the hot platter and let them rest on our plates for a while; instead, we dug in immediately, which may have affected the flavour and juiciness overall. The morcilla was absolutely gorgeous, possibly the best black pudding I’d ever had. It was tender and meaty and quite rich, Grilled Cheese for 2: which came in its own separate dish. Yup, hot melted cheese is always a win, Flan Casero con Dulce de Leche : homemade flan with Argentinian dulce de leche (the waiter confirmed that this latter was made in Argentina). This was excellent – very eggy and with a good texture and surprisingly, it went well with the rich dulce de leche.

52 Tanner Street
London SE1 3PH
Tel: reservation 020 7234 0676
  Tube: London Bridge, Bermondsey
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