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Sunday, 31 October 2010

Constancia: Argentinian Steak in Bermondsey, London


Argentinian, steak

Tamarind and Thyme, 31 May ’10: reviews state that you’ll walk out of that restaurant smelling like the parrilla, we were all seated in the front by the windows. Sitting here also resulted in our not stinking – excellent! Empanada de Carne: filled with a saucy spiced meat and olive mixture, excellent pastry and a good moist filling, Parrillada Constancia (for 2 people): Bife de Chorizo (sirloin steak), Ojo de Bife (11oz of ribeye steak), 2 Chorizos (Argentinian style pork sausages), Morcilla (black pudding), Provoleta (provolone cheese with oregano), the ribeye was my favourite, it being more flavourful than the sirloin. What we should have done though was take the steaks off the hot platter and let them rest on our plates for a while; instead, we dug in immediately, which may have affected the flavour and juiciness overall. The morcilla was absolutely gorgeous, possibly the best black pudding I’d ever had. It was tender and meaty and quite rich, Grilled Cheese for 2: which came in its own separate dish. Yup, hot melted cheese is always a win, Flan Casero con Dulce de Leche : homemade flan with Argentinian dulce de leche (the waiter confirmed that this latter was made in Argentina). This was excellent – very eggy and with a good texture and surprisingly, it went well with the rich dulce de leche.

52 Tanner Street
London SE1 3PH
Tel: reservation 020 7234 0676
  Tube: London Bridge, Bermondsey
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Monday, 25 October 2010

Adams Café: Tunisian and Moroccan restaurant in Shepherds Bush, London

Adams Café

Tunisian, Moroccan, one main course with tea or coffee is £11.50, a Menu Gourmet is two courses, a Menu Gastronomique is all three courses,

Tamarind and Thyme, 11 Dec ‘09: starter Brik au Thon: crispy pastry with tuna, egg & herb filling, the tuna was nicely spiced, the egg yolk was still runny, and the pastry perfectly crisp, Couscous à l’Agneau, Crêpe Berbère: utterly gorgeous!

77 Askew Road
Shepherds Bush
London W12 9AH
Tel: 020 8743 0572

Daytime cafe hours
Monday - Friday: 7.30am - 2pm

Saturday: 8.30am - 2pm
Evening hours for Tunisian/Moroccan food
Monday - Saturday: 7pm - 11pm
Closed Sundays

Tube: seven stops by bus 266 from Hammersmith
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Mooli's: Indian restaurant in Soho, London


Indian, Roomali Roti

Will Eat For Money, 20 Jan ’10: Roasted Poppadoms and Spicy Tomato-based Dip: really nice, Goat Mooli, Chicken Mooli,

from www.moolis.com
50 Frith St
Soho, London W1 DSQ
Tel: 0207 494 9075

Mon – Wed:  12:00 - 22:00
Thu – Sat:  12:00 - 23:30
Sunday:  Closed

Tube: Tottenham Court Road, Piccadilly Circus, Leicester Square,

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Rasa Sayang: Malaysian restaurant in West End, London

Rasa Sayang


Tamarind and Thyme, 25 Feb ’09: Beef Rendang and Rice: a one dish meal, very generous portion (this can be said for almost all of their dishes!) of very tender and nicely spiced beef rendang with a very dry and thick curry, Nasi Lemak: rice cooked with coconut milk served with sambal (like a chili relish) and fried Peanuts and fried Ikan Bilis (little fishes) and usually a boiled egg too, Malaysian Hokkien mee: thick noodles fried with lots of dark soy sauce and seafood, Kangkong with Chili and Belacan (water spinach);

5 Macclesfield Street
London W1D 6AY
Tel: 020 7734 1382
  Tube: Piccadilly Circus, Leicester Square

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Maoz Falafel Vegetarian: Vegetarian Fast Food in West End, London

Maoz Falafel Vegetarian

Vegetarian fast food, Salad Bar, it’s difficult to spend over £7 a head

Tamarind and Thyme, 11 May ’09: Falafel Sandwich, Belgian fries wonderfully thick, soft-inside and perfectly-crisp-outside chips;


43 Old Compton Street
Westminster, London W1D 6HG
Tel: 020 7851 1586

Hours of Operation:
Monday - Wednesday   11:00 AM  -  1:00 AM
Thursday                      11:00 AM  -  1:30 AM
Friday - Saturday          11:00 AM  -  2:30 AM
Sunday                         11:00 AM  - 12:00 AM

  Tube: Piccadilly Circus, Leicester Square,

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Viet Noodle Bar: affordable Vietnamese restaurant in West End, London

Viet Noodle Bar

Vietnamese, cheap and good,

The Catty Life, 20 May ’10: Grilled Pork Bun was delicious! Stir Fried Beef with Lemongrass topping was also yummy;

Tamarind and Thyme, 23 Aug ’08: Cha Gio: lovely Fried Meaty Spring Rolls, one of my favourite things to eat is Bun Cha Gio or Hot Fried Cha Gio served with cold rice noodles and lots of fresh raw herbs and vegetables, Pho Special soup. I recommend sticking with the Vietnamese dishes on the menu, avoid Thai;

Foodieblog, 11 Feb ’08: You can see the cooking area in the back which tends to be reassuring, Cha Gio and Chao Tom appetisers were delicious, the soup based noodle dish, Pho Special, involved wonderfully light vietnamese flat noodles;

34 Greek Street
London W1D 5DJ
Tel: 020 7494 9888
Tube: Leicester Square

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Kiraku: Japanese restaurant in Ealing Common, London



London Eater, 27 Nov ’09: “the menu extends to include more creative options, such as the Ebikatsu Cheese roll. Yes you read that right, the that’s prawn tempura and Camembert cheese in rice”, “Don’t let this novelty dish scare you though, because the other sushi rolls on the menu are genuinely delicious, like the Dragon roll for instance, which is a california roll superloaded with unagi on top, and then shaped like a dragon”, “the lunch special was a hearty meal, the thinly cut pork was very much a home-cooked meal, but it was this distinctly slimy and coffee tasting natto beans that piqued my palate. Yummy, you wouldn’t believe the value for money. Further proof of Kiraku’s lunch friendliness are their mini-dons, we also ordered a mini tori katsu don with an egg broken on top”, “Kiraku is a cracking Japanese restaurant. Sushi is better than most, but not the best; The rest of the cooked food is of a high standard.”;

Tamarind and Thyme, 27 Aug ’09: the chef proved to be a dab hand at deep frying. Gets very busy at dinnertime so it’s advisable to make a reservation. At lunchtime, it’s possible to drop by though you may have to wait the later you get there. If you’re on a budget, go for lunch. “tonkatsu too was delicious – very crispy and porky and not at all greasy”.

8 Station Parade
Uxbridge Road
Ealing Common
London W5 3LD
Tel: 020 8992 2848

Opening Hours:
Tuesday – Sunday (Monday Closed)
Lunch: 12 – 3pm (Last orders 2:30pm)
Dinner: 6 – 11pm (Last orders 10pm)

  Tube : Ealing Common

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Sunday, 24 October 2010

Imperial China: Chinese Dim Sum restaurant in Teddington, London

Chinese, dim sum

Mr.Noodles, 12 Sep ’10: Some of the highlights included:
蜜汁叉燒包 cha siu bao – Roasted Pork Buns
鮮竹牛肉球 ngau yuk kau – Steamed Minced Beef Balls
蜂巢荔芋角 wu gok – Yam Croquettes with Pork
鬼馬炸兩 zhaliang – Deep Fried Dough Cheung Fun
擂沙湯丸 lei sha tong yuan – Sesame Paste in Peanut Crumbs

196-198 Stanley Road,
Teddington TW11 8UE
Tel: 020-8977-8679 
Nearest rail: Fulwell (trains from Waterloo)

Dim Sum served daily:12noon – 4p.m.

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Kappa Restaurant: Japanese restaurant in Earls Court, London

Kappa Restaurant

Japanese, run by a korean chef, sushi

London Eater, 12 Jul ’10: House Special Roll (in the menu under Futomaki thick roll) it is the best thing on the menu, the unagi was excellent, Kappa cake with Green Tea ice cream. “The nigiri is excellent and well priced. It isn’t the cheapest sushi in town, however, it isn’t pricy either”. “There isn’t much to look at in terms of decor, the place is reticent (even by sushi-bar standards) but the sushi chef is dedicated, he really takes his time to prepare sushi by hand, and most days, it’s the same fella behind the counter and to me, that is Kappa’s greatest attraction. The sushi is great, the cooked food is so-so, prices are reasonable, and they do cold sake (Junmai no less…at £1.30 each!) by the shot. If you so happen to be searching for a relatively lightweight meal in my neck of the woods, I think you’ll be reasonably impressed with Kappa”.

139 Earls Court Road
London SW5 9RH
Tel: 0207 244 9196

  Tube: Earls Court

Lunch: Tues to Sun 12 to 3pm
Dinner: Mon to Sun 6 to 11pm (10:30pm Sun)

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Indian Zing: Indian restaurant in Hammersmith, London

Indian Zing


Tamarind and Thyme, 10 Feb ’10: Chicken Biryani one of the best biryanis I’d ever had. “The restaurant truly is exceptional with the food excellent and the service wonderful; the waiters were all lovely with great senses of humour and this made the fun night even better”.

from http://www.indianzing.co.uk
236 King Street
London W6 0RF

Hours of Opening         
Weekdays and Saturdays:
Lunch: 12:00 - 15:00
Dinner: 18:00 - 23:00
Lunch: 13:00 - 16:00
Dinner: 18:00 - 22:00

Tube: Ravenscourt Court, Bus: H91, 190, 267, 391, N9, N11

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Tayyabs: Indian/Pakistani restaurant in London



London Eater, 18 May ’09: naan bread, Mix Grill, tinda masala, Karachi Chicken, Karahi Bindi (Okra). “Tayyabs is very good indeed”. “I walked in thinking I knew what Curry and Tikka should taste like, but Tayyabs has redefined my view of Indian/Pakistani cuisine”.

a rather unusual chinaman, 31 May ’09:  the Mixed Grill (seek kebabs, chicken tikka and probably the most amazing lamb chops I have ever had), lamb curry, chicken Tikka Masala, Tarka Dal, Okra and Saag Aloo (not oily everything was good), Nan bread (delicious, thin and crispy). “The food was very good and I will be dreaming about those lamb chops for a long time to come. Service may not have been fantastic but is no worse than you would expect from any high street restaurant. Biggest surprise of the evening, the bill. It came to just over a tenner a head and considering the amount of food we ate, this was an absolute steal. Great value, great food and even the dogs outside hadn’t left a scrap on the bones they were chewing”.

Tamarind and Thyme, 21 Mar ’09:  lamb chop was tough though with a good spicy marinade. The chicken tikka was dry and forgettable but the seekh kebabs were excellent, legs of lamb was ever so tender I loved it it had a very spicy yet fresh spice paste with every bite this was the best thing, Bindi (okra) was quite nice, excellent naans. “To me though, while the food is generally good, I don’t think it lives up to the hype of being the best Indian food in London”.

from http://tayyabs.co.uk
83-89 Fieldgate St.
London E1 1JU
Tel: 020 7247 6400

Reservation 020 7247 9543

Opening Hours: 
Mon – Sun 12:00 - 24:00
Tube: Aldgate East, Whitechapel

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Ranoush Juice: Lebanese restaurant in Marble Arch, London

Ranoush Juice

Lebanese, cheap and delicious

Food by Mark, 23 Jan ’10: mixed Shawarma (Chicken and Lamb), Hommos and Taboulleh. “It is simply hard to beat cheap and authentic Lebanese food in a fast paced brightly lit café surrounding. Fully expect to make a mess all over your clothes when you have Shawarma and you will have to race for available tables. They aren’t many. Tuck in.”

43 Edgware Road
London W2 2JE
Tel: 020 7723 5929
Open: 9am to 3am, 7 days a week.
  Tube: Marble Arch

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Koya: Japanese udon restaurant in Soho, London


Japanese, udon

London Eater, 10 May ’10: Onsen Tamago, Kakuni Braised Pork Belly in Cider, Cod Tempura, Hiya-Atsu, Hiyashi Buta Miso, Cold udon with hot miso pickled pork soup. “The menu’s only noodle offering is udon with a choice of it being served hot in a hot broth (Atsu-Atsu); cold in hot (Hiya-Atsu) or cold in cold (Hiya-Hiya)”.

from http://www.koya.co.uk
Will Eat For Money, 25 Apr ’10: Onsen Tamago: a great dish and certainly a must-order at Koya, Saba Udon: hand-made, fresh noodles were fantastic, chewy and slippery. “My advice would be to go and sit down at the counter (space for four) and watch the team in action and speak to the approachable chef”

49 Frith St
Soho, London W1D 4SG
Tel: 020 7434 4463

Opening hours: Mon-Sat 12:00-15:00 / 17:30-22:30
  Tube : Leicester Square, Tottenham Court Road, Covent Garden

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Kikuchi: Japanese restaurant in London


Japanese, a little pricy, sashimi, sushi

London Eater, 14 Jul ’10: scallops with japanese ginger and citrus dressing, tuna with grated yam potato, sashimi platter, selection of nigiri, otoro nigiri; “Overall, I thought the fish was of good quality, however I feel that the greatest attraction of Kikuchi is largely the Itamae’s preparation and presentation. He’s a star, clearly, and his sushi looks fantastic. If you’re looking for a hidden sushi bar in central London, you should add this to your list. It is a little pricy however, and you’d have to choose carefully if you are out for a sushi binge. On the other hand, you do get what you pay for.”

The Catty Life, 9 Jul ’10: “Kikuchi is simply brilliant. The food is fresh and delicious and that sushi chef guy looks bona fide and those knives behind him? Yeah, don’t mess with the guy. The menu’s actually quite affordable if you stick to the small dishes and selections. Hit the a la carte though and your wallet will feel the pain.”

Gourmet Traveller, 1 Mar ’10: “Kikuchi is known mainly for its sashimi, and the raw fish dishes I sampled on both evenings were indeed remarkably fresh. The Horse Mackerel with Ponzu was lively and vibrant”, “the sashimi itself was fine but the vinegar dressing was weak and lacked the sharpness needed to stand up to the fish”, “The sushi on the other hand was terribly good; the special of Seared Toro Nigiri in particular was a real stand-out.”, “the cooked food can be a bit hit-and-miss and it definitely wasn’t fun being rushed through a meal – on both nights the food arrived at such a rapid pace that we were in and out within an hour”

14 Hanway Street
London W1T
Tel: 0207 637 7720
Tube: Tottenham Court Road

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